Creatieve Innovatie Facilitator

Brainstormen met oog op de markt, creëren van product portfolio en optimalisatie van bedrijfsprocessen.

about PopaBag

Amee de Groen



Creative strategist, visual thinker, motivator and go-getter, that’s me.
As creative facilitator, I get to the essence of complex problems and use visual tools to explain. Next is to guide the team through a creative process to find a solution.
Educated as industrial designer, with great social and cultural interest, I’m driven to find creative solutions for complex problems, especially when the goal is to improve people’s life.
Creating with a team, getting the best out of people and see people enjoying what they do, gives me energy!
Dancing is my second passion: it is impossible for me not to move on music.

Master Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology, including projects abroad and electives in group dynamics and facilitation of group meetings.More



Popabag is based in The Hague, the Netherlands.